Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving was such a blast!

I forgot the camera so I didnt get any pictures!

On Thursday, we went up to Benson! It was my grandparents anniversary so all of my cousins came and we had thanksgiving dinner. The best part was that it was catered. It was so good. After we ate dinner, we hung out and played some basketball, while the mom's hung out and talked. After everyone was all getting tired, we had this hold slideshow of grandma and grandpa's wedding pictures, kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. Then we all said stuff about them. It was great! Then we stayed up all night at their house.

On Friday, we went on this major hike. Getting up to the top of the mountain was basically rock climbing without the ropes to hold on to. Getting down was even scarier. It was steep. There was a hole that you had to squeeze through. I twisted my ankle half way down by junping from one rock to another. There was to HUMUNGOUS rocks that were really close together. You had to go sideways into it and just slide across. The part that I started crying at was really scary. You would stand on this very thin ledge and My cousins would lower you about 20 feet to get to the bottom. They would just hang you by your hands. And someone would catch you at the bottom. I kept thinking that I was going to fall off that thin ledge or my cousins might drop me or the person that was suppost to catch you misses you. I was super scared. My feet kept on slipping and my dad or cousin had to catch me so I was so scared.

Hey, Everyone needs some excitement in their life!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

1st game of the Championships!

We lost!
It was against the Greenfield Grizzlies
The scores:
1st game: 25 to 13 (we won)
2nd game: 25 to 22 (they won)
3rd game: 16 to 14 (they won)
The 3rd game was so close!
The score was 7 to 2, they were ahead. We got ahead to 10 and then they got to 14, so that means that all they needed was only one more point. Then, we got up to 14 and then they got to 16. It was such a close game. It was such a fun game though!
It was a great season!
We have are and of the season party this Saturday! Can't wait!
But that just means that all volleyball is going to be done until High School.
But now Softball is here! Tryouts for that are in a week and a half!
Wish me Luck!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10th game!

We played the Mesquite Mustanges!
We lost!
The Scores:

1st game: 25 to 23 (they won)
we were winning by a whole lot but then they
caught up with one server and then they kept
the lead but it was a really good game!
2nd game: 25 to 16
Can't wait for the championships!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cameron's birthday!

Today is Cameron's birthday.

He is turning 12!

Here is a picture of him when he was about 3 months old:

Here he is about 6 years old:

And a picture of him now:

Happy Birthday little Bro.

(He has a paint ball party on Saturday, so I will post pictures of his party afterwords!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

9th game!

We Lost!
It was against the Highland Hurricanes!
1st game: 25 to 23 (they won)
2nd game: 25 to 19 (they won)
It was sad beacuse I didnt get to play in the whole game because I got in trouble at home and my dad called Ms. Miller to tell her that I wont be playing in the game because I was in trouble!
I hae learned my lesson and it will never happen again!
I want to say sorry to all of my teammates and tell them that it will never happen again!
I wish I could have played!
I get to play in the next game next Tuesday against Mesquite Mustanges!
I cant wait!
There is only one more game until the Conference!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

8th game!

It was against the South Valley Sabercats!
We had lost to them last time!
1st game: 25 to 17 (we won)
2nd game: 25 to 21 (they won)
3rd game: 15 to 10 (we won)
2 more games 'til tournament!

7th game!

It was on Tuesday, October 6.
Sorry it to me so long to post it on here.
It was against the Greenfield Grizzlies!
1st game: 28 to 26 (we won)
2nd game: 26 to 24 (they won)
3rd game: 15 to 12 (we won)
It was fun!
We only have 3 more games left until tournament!
Cant wait!